Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted Air Conditioning

The ACT region’s notoriously cold winters and warm summers are no match for ducted air conditioning.

Ideal for new homes, ducted systems provide easy temperature and zone control. And with vents tucked away in the ceiling or floor, they are more discreet than wall-mounted units.

What makes ducted air conditioning great

  • Central temperature and zone control
  • Set and forget timers across up to six air conditioned zones
  • Even air distribution without hot or cold spots
  • Modern aesthetics that don’t intrude on your home’s design
  • It’s the quietest of all air conditioning options


Ducted air conditioning is often cheaper than installing wall-mounted split systems in every room. It’s a long-term investment too, as ducted air conditioning increases your home’s value.

Recommended for

Offices, New homes, older homes and townhouses.

Run your system at around 23 degrees.
This is the most efficient temperature to reduce running costs and keeping cool.

If it breaks, we’ll fix it – fast

We only install reliable, industry-leading systems that suit your specific requirements. But on the rare occasion that something goes wrong, won’t leave your business in the cold. Every commercial air conditioning system we sell comes with a warranty and 24/7 breakdown repair service.

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