Heating & Cooling


Heating & Cooling

Need help with your heating and cooling system? Southern Aircon & Refrigeration designs, installs, maintains and repairs heating and cooling systems for you. Whether it is for residential, commercial, refrigeration, cool rooms or air conditioning we got that all sorted for you. 

Our qualified technicians combine an extensive and large range of knowledge of commercial and residential refrigeration, heating, and air conditioning to offer the best quality services to our clients.


We design your space to ensure that the heating and cooling system is suitable for you and your cool room.


We provide installation to any heating or cooling system whether it is for commercial or residential use. Southern Aircon & Refrigeration partners with leading brands including Fujitsu, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Samsung, LG, Hitachi and Haier.

Maintain & Repair

We maintain and repair your cooling or heating systems to ensure the safety of your space and those within it. After the installation, we provide a warranty and 24/7 repair service (incase with any potential issues that arise). 

Temperature impacts our productivity and mood. It plays an important role in food, beverages, medical care and agriculture. We ensure to keep your space at the right temperature all year round with our heating and cooling services. 

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We also provide


Residential Air Conditioning

Cool Rooms

Air Conditioner Repair

🗸    Recommendations, advice and consultation provided to avoid future issues

🗸    Quick, reliable and affordable service 

🗸    Better the efficiency of your appliance

No matter what, we provide the perfect cooling and heating system for your space

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