Split System Air Conditioning

Split system air conditioning

For small apartments, single rooms or open spaces, you can’t beat wall-mounted air conditioners.

What makes split system air conditioning great

  • Popular – more Australians use split systems than any other air conditioning option
  • Affordable – wall-mounted units are cheap to buy and install
  • Flexible – add air conditioning to additional rooms over time
  • Greater temperature control – separately control temperatures in each room with a remote control for each unit
  • Allergy friendly – Ask us about Hitachi’s nano-titanium filters for split systems, designed to reduce bacteria, prevent mould growth and deodorise the air distributed by your air conditioner.


If you only need a couple of wall-mounted units per dwelling, split system air conditioning systems are very affordable.

Recommended for

Apartment buildings, single rooms, open spaces and homes in which ductwork is an issue.